Applied Optical Technologies  



Optical System Design

Laser Lifetime Testing
Large Format Holographic Camera
Aberrated Laser Beam Shapes
Heterodyne Laser Linewidth Measurement
  • “Classical” optical design
  • Non-sequential Ray Tracing
  • Stray Light Analysis
  • Coherent Beam Propagation
  • Optomechanical Design
  • Optoelectronic Design
  • Component packaging

Spectroscopic and Instrumentation

  • Research, diagnostic or process control applications
  • Full optical, mechanical and electronic design
  • Software interfacing

Laser System Integration and Applications

  • Semiconductor Diode Lasers
  • Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers
  • Gas Lasers
  • IR, Visible, and UV Systems

Project Management

  • Schedule Planning
  • Coordinate Design Teams
  • Identify, Qualify, and Manage Suppliers

We also offer preferred access to other services through associated companies:

  • Electronic and Mechanical Design
  • Prototype and Volume Manufacture
  • CSA, FDA, and UL Approvals